Reopening FAQs from G&E McIntyres Hair Salon In Northampton

Hey everyone, Gavin here, we hope everyone is keeping well. Thank you for all your patience. We are working so hard on getting back into our amazing space to create amazing hair for you all once again.

As we expected we have faced unforeseen changes to our return, out of everyone’s control. We appreciate the urgency you all feel to secure your appointment and know the hair hell your facing has an end date!!! But your journey with us, as always is most important, that includes the booking process.

Booking & Appointments

Most notably skin testing for your safety, along with other factors, have resulted in us making the decision not to make any appointments until towards the end of March, at the earliest, to reduce disruption to your booking.

We assure you all, no appointments have been made as yet, the waiting list is still active for remainder of this week and as soon as myself and Ella are confident we can make your journey with us as smooth as we normally do. We will be in touch to consult with you on current requirements for your hair and getting you booked in as soon as we can.

Will You Be Reopening On April 12th?

The government have only given a PROVISIONAL date of 12th April for our return, and this we want to make sure of so we wouldn’t have to reallocate your appointment if this is the case. Aside from these mentioned factors, we are ready to go and we expect it to move very smoothly and quickly, getting you all booked in as we work through our process.

Thank you for patience and understanding whilst we work on this and, believe me, when I say ourselves and our amazing team are SO EXCITED to get back and see you all.

Watch Our Short Video Answering Your Reopening FAQs