Our Price Menu for all your hairdressing needs is built to be competitive. All our team members are extensively educated and have specialised areas of hairdressing that will make them right for you. With all that said we know it’s hard to pick what you should have done to your hair, estimate how much it will be and pick which team member. Like the old fashioned saying is “how long is a piece of string?”

All our guests are treated individually and the service is designed to meet your needs and requests. Our extensive consultations are designed to ensure you are thoroughly clear on what it is you want, how much it will cost, and to give you the confidence we can deliver the hairstyle, colour or treatment you desire.

We’d love to meet you for a G&E consultation so please book in by calling us on 01604 250450 or book online here!

Cutting & Styling

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Services Technician Junior
Stylist Senior
Designer Senior
Wash Cut & Finish £27.50 £40 £45 £50 £55 £60 £65 £70
Restyle Wash Cut & Finish £30 £50 £55 £60 £70 £75 £80 £90
Wash & Blow Dry £22.50 £27.50 £32.50 £37.50 £42.50 £47.50 £47.50 £52.50
Gent Cut £15 £22.50 £25 £27.50 £30 £30 £35 £37.50
Sides Only Cut £10 £11.25 £12.50 £13.75 £15.50 £15.50 £17.50 £18.75


All colour services require a skin test a minimum of 48 hours before appointment. Colour services are priced without a wash, cut and finish . Blowdries are done at a special price of £20 when booked with any colour service. Blowdries are booked with stylist or senior stylist for this offer. A blow dry is compulsory with every colour service or stand-alone treatments.

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Services Technician/
Junior Stylist
Stylist Senior
Senior Designer
Salon Owner
All Over Balayage £93.50 £93.50 £104.50 £110 £110 £132
All Over Bleach £82.50 £82.50 £88 £93.50 £93.50 £104
All Over Colour £51.50 £51.70 £66 £66 £71.50 £80.30
Balayage Freehand £77 £77 £92.50 £93.50 £99 £110
Balayage Refresh £66 £66 £82.50 £82.50 £99 £99
Bleach Root – Under 6 Weeks £44 £44 £55 £60.50 £60.50 £72.50
Bleach Root – Over 6 Weeks £55 £55 £66 £71.50 £77 £82.50
Colour & Full Foils £93.50 £93.50 £104.50 £104.50 £115.50 £115.50
Colour & Partial Foils £66 £66 £77 £82.50 £88 £93.50
Crescent Foils (Max 8 Foils) £22 £22 £33 £33 £38.50 £38.50
Decolorisation £38.50 £38.50 £44 £49.50 £55 £60.50
Fast 10 Minute Colour £46.20 £46.20 £51.70 £51.70 £57.20 £62.70
Gloss Toner / Toner £25.30 £25.30 £33 £38.50 £38.50 £44
Full Head Highlights £77 £77 £93.50 £99 £121
Half Head Highlights £55 £55 £71.50 £77 £88 £88
T Section Highlight £38.50 £38.50 £49.50 £55 £60.50 £60.50
Root Colour £44 £44 £49.50 £49.50 £60.50 £60.50
Vivid Colour £33 £33 £41.25 £41.25 £44 £44
Toner Package £44 £44 £49.50 £49.50 £49.50 £49.50

Hair Treatments

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Services Cost
Keratin Lisse Design Above Shoulder £150
Keratin Lisse Design Shoulder Length £200
Keratin Lisse Design Below Shoulder £250
Keratin Lisse Design Extra Thick/Course Hair +£50
Bond Rebuilder £1 per gram used
Bond Rebuilder Luxe £30
Super Luxe Treatment £15

Hair Extensions

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Services Cost
Extensions Price On Consultation
Extensions Cutting Styling £25
Extension Removal £15 per 15 Minutes
Extension Rotation £15 per 15 Minutes
The table listings are to be described to any guest as our new gender neutral/transparent pricing. This pricing is to be charged based on the length of booking required.

Managing your column is as important as ever. If a hair cut you can do on a client can be achieved in 30 minutes, then it is to be booked in for 30 minutes and charged so accordingly. If you’ll need 1 hour 30 minutes, the same applies.

Our pricing is recognised as charging for time. It is to fairly recognise experience and skill sets, without any hidden charges.

Colour pricing is also reflected in this, using an average breakdown of colour charge for the average head of hair. It will be important to let any guest know, if they have visited us less frequently, have longer or denser hair or will require more use of lightener / colour to achieve desired hair request, we may end using additional colour to the average head of hair and this will come with an additional variable cost, which will be solely the cost of colour used, not time.

Hero Discount; NHS, Police, Fire; 20% off

Local Business; 10% off

Student Discount; 10% off

Senior Discount; 10% off

Monday to Friday

Going forward all consultations will be quoted as usual, explaining any variable cost for colour we may foresee. It will be important to let your guest know that any additional colour used is now classed as a variable cost and therefore we are unable to accurately quote for this. We will only be charging them for what actual colour is used on their hair.

We can suggest to them;
*per g of colour used = £0.39p
*per g of lightener used = £0.14p
*per g of developer used = £0.3p
*per g of bond rebuilder = £1 —— Weighs out 10g of rebuilder per 30g of colour.

Bond Rebuilder will now be charged based on what’s used, so it’s vitally important it’s weighed into Vish per gram, and we are checking at the end of the bill the cost for usage and adding it to the bill. It will no longer be a set £20.

— We enforce a 48 hour cancellation policy. Any appointments booked in and need to be cancelled or rescheduled up-to, not after, 48 hours before the appointment time, can be removed or changed at no cost to that client.

— If a guest “No-Shows” or requires to cancel less than 48 hours before their appointment, a 50% charge of the total bill will be charged to their account. This can be used as an advance payment for their next appointment booked.

— If a guest refuses to pay cancellation charge, they will be unable to book another appointment with us until this has been paid.

— If a guest no shows or cancels for a second time, the full amount of the bill will be charged to their account and no bookings will be made in a column or in advance until this has been paid.

— The cancellation fee will comprise of us keeping the £30 advanced payment and charging the remaining amount of the 50% total of the bill. For example;

Total Bill £150
Advanced Payment – £30
Leaving £120 left to pay for time booked out.
50% of total Bill – £75

Remaining cancellation charge minus the £30 advanced payment leaving a cancellation fee of £45 to pay