Colour Correction

Hair Colour Correction At The Best Hair Salon In Northampton

If you’ve had a hair colour mishap at home or a bad colour experience at another salon, it is important that you visit the hair colour experts at G&E McIntyres Hair Salon in Northampton as soon as possible. Our team of highly trained hair colour specialists will assess the damage to your hair and create a plan of action to correct and improve the appearance of your hair colour.

Book in for a complimentary hair colour correction consultation by calling us on 01604 250450.

Please Note: We are committed to colour safety and ask that our clients undertake a colour skin test 48 hours before any hair colour service.

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Box Hair Dye V Professional Hair Salon Colouring

If you are considering using a box hair dye, please bear in mind that the end result may not look like the model’s hair on the packaging! Anyone looking for a beautiful hair colour that looks vibrant and healthy should look no further than our professional hair colouring services at G&E McIntyres in Northampton.If your hair is pre-coloured, has been lightened by the sun, if you have excessive root regrowth or a build-up of colourant, each section of your hair will have different shades. Our G&E McIntyres colourists are highly experienced and trained to analyse your hair to determine the exact mix of tones and shades required to give you sensational hair colour.

How To Fix Patchy Hair Colour

If your at-home hair colour has turned patchy, please bear in mind that our colour specialists rectify hair colour imbalances on a daily basis. Your best bet is to book in with us as soon as possible so that we can take steps to restore your hair colour. We can correct hair colour that is orange or too yellow in colour and repair unattractive bands of overlapping hair colour. We will assess each part of your hair and work out a plan to correct your patchy hair colour problem, treating individual strands using different techniques, colours and tones to create a harmonious hair colour result.

My Hair Is Breaking – What Can I Do?

Hair breakage is a common problem amongst clients who have tried to bleach their hair at home. We would never recommend using bleach at home as your hair can be damaged, break and become fluffy or frizzy. We use the best hair colour products from Joico and know exactly what to do and which products to use to remove unwanted colour, restore condition and create beautiful hair colour without causing further damage to your locks. We can also recommend treatments to inject moisture into your hair both in the salon and at home.

Colour Corrections At G&E McIntyres Salon, Northampton

If you’ve had a hair colour disaster elsewhere, don’t panic! Book in for a hair colour correction consultation with our award-winning stylists by calling us on 01604 250450 or book online here.