Keeping You Safe At G&E McIntyres Hair Salon In Northampton

covid safe hair salon in NorthamptonWe continue to work to strict safety rules to keep our guests as safe as possible from Covid-19 while they are in our salon. As an industry, we have really stepped up to offer a safe environment, as well as being here to raise your spirits with a wonderful haircut, hair colour, treatment and a friendly face!

Please find below the safety measures we are asking all our guests to adhere to. If you or someone you live with has tested positive for coronavirus or displayed symptoms prior to your appointment, please cancel your appointment at your earliest convenience.

​If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our hair salon on 01604 250450 or email [email protected].


G&E McIntyres: Return To Salon – Post COVID Guidelines

· G&E McIntyres has extensively researched trained and prepared for your new guest journey with us.

· We ask for your continued patience and support at this unpredictable time as we adjust to the new measures we have introduced for everyone’s safety.

· Thank you for entrusting us with your safety on our epic return.

· We cannot wait to welcome you all back into our salon space and create beautiful hair.

Maintain Social Distancing

1. If you are unwell, have symptoms, please stay at home and let us know as soon as possible. There will be no cancellation charge for any COVID related cancellations. You will then be placed on to our priority list to book in as soon as we can 14 days after the date of your appointment that has been cancelled.

2. All appointments over £60 will require a deposit of £50. You will hear from us no later than 48 hours before your appointment to settle your deposit. If deposit is not made your appointment will be released for our cancellation list.

3. Please arrive promptly to your appointment. If your early, no problem, please use a local café for a refreshment like Dreams Coffee Lounge. Then arrive outside the salon door promptly and wait for entry.

4. Please arrive with clean and dry hair for your appointment.

5. We will not be accepting walk-ins, any clients wishing an appointment must pre-book.

6. We will stagger customer appointment times to maintain social distance and help with our time management in cleaning areas and tools.

7. On arrival to the salon please wait in the designated area at the front door to be welcomed in.

8. All guests are encouraged to follow floor stickers, instructions on our posters and flyers dotted around the salon.

1. We will greet guests warmly but without our usual handshake or hug.

2. Our Contactless hand sanitizer must be used on entry to the salon at the front door with the sanitizing station provided. Even if the guest is wearing gloves. Contactless hand sanitizers are also in and around the salon as well as bottles on stations and key areas of the salon.

3. Please inform the member of team greeting you if you would prefer to wash your hands on entry to the salon as opposed to sanitizing gel.

4. All guests will be escorted to their stylists’ section on arrival to avoid congestion in the waiting area, then sat within the 1-2 metre designated area around their chair. This is your zone, we ask only to leave that area if you need the toilet or washing off of your hair.

5. Please be aware of our GREEN and RED card system on stations. Red card means not in use, please do not sit in the stations chair, Green card means station is available to sit at.

6. Clients must minimize what they bring as they will be asked to keep all belongings with them at all times. A laptop or book is fine, we will ask you to sanitize such objects with our wipes and they must be kept on your person.

7. At your chair you will be presented with your PPE Kit bag. Please put on what is in the bag, after removing your coat, jacket, top (if you have one). Place any jacket etc into the bag provided.

8. On completion of your service please dispose of your mask and gloves into the bin found on salon floor, place your gown into the PPE Bag provided after removing any belongings from it.

1. We will ask that clients attend their appointments alone, no children or partners waiting. If a child or partner is in attendance with you due to being booked in for an appointment also, or anyone needing a carer, this is allowed.

2. We have designated sanitizing periods after hair services to disinfect all our tools.

3. A screen will be installed at reception for everyone’s protection when taking bills or booking appointments. We will be taking payment for services at your chair wherever possible.

4. We will ask that all guests pay using card or cashless means where possible.

5. Guests may attend their appointments wearing a mask. Every guest has a PPE Kit made for them. This consists of a freshly laundered gown, gloves, mask, eco towel. To help with our additional costs, there will be a £3.50 safety charge on each bill until measures are allowed to be relaxed.

6. Waiting areas will be arranged to adhere to social distancing, this means no sofas, only 1 individual chair, 2 metres away from any conflicting measure, sadly no magazines or reading material will be available.

7. If a guest arrives at the salon to make a booking, purchase retail or wishes to speak to a stylist, we will have to organize for you what you wish to get, or book a video consultation to speak with your stylist.

8. Guests must not handle the retail on sale on our shelves to prevent cross contamination risk. Where we can, we must always get the required product for you.

1. All refreshments available will be in bottle form. Coffee, Tea and condiments will sadly not be made available at present as per government guidelines.

2. Guests are welcome to bring their own reading material but it must leave with them or put in provided bins by themselves on the salon floor before exiting the salon. Sadly at this stage we cannot allow guests to bring their own refreshments.

3. We have replaced hand towels with eco hand towels that are biodegradable in our toilet. Please use these hand towels and dispose in bin found next to them.

4. Please sanitize hands on exit of the salon at the end of your appointment.

5. Any questions or concerns about your visit to G&E McIntryres, please address them to Gavin or Ella McIntyre who will be delighted to assist you further.

We thank you all for reading our guidelines and ask them to be adhered to at all times in the salon to help us help you.

We look forward to seeing all our guests new and existing, it’s been far too long and bringing the G&E Family all back together is the perfect way to begin the new norm, the new journey forward with us. We are thrilled to be back.